By Guest Contributor.

This week TEACHERS report for CBC training across the country, It is the third day of the month. The trainings are taking place on worship days which is totally unconstitutional and on a weekend when teachers are supposed to be relaxing with their families. Also, note. Schools open on Monday.

Meaning teachers will close their training and report back to duty as if they do not have children of their own to shop for or take to school.

Any right-thinking Kenyan is saddened by the way TSC is treating KNUT by denying it the rightful and constitutional UNION DUES. Money deducted from members must be handed over to KNUT. It is so bad for TSC to mutilate KNUT register and disobey court orders. Something tells me that TSC cannot be doing this without some power encouraging them to do so.

But equally, I am finding it hard to keep blaming the employer for disunity in the profession. It is the role of workers to ensure their unions are not killed by the employer. I had expected members of KNUT led by their officials to be on the streets demanding that TSC obeys court orders and the Kenyan constitution. But instead, I am seeing some teachers comfortable with what TSC is doing. I am still seeing union officials still disunited.

TSC is taking advantage of weakened and disunited unions. The employer is doing what any capitalist employer will do. Pay your workers poorly, put them in bad conditions and reap maximum profits.

The welfare of workers is a preserve of unions. Unions are members. Members of unions are workers. It is the import of workers to KNOW why they need unions and ensure their unions are strong.


Karl Max, said, Workers of the world. Unite. You have nothing to lose except your chains. The disunity among the teachers of Kenya will ensure that TSC enslaves them, and chains them with chains of poverty. Chains of promotion of only 3,300 teachers out of a workforce.