Ngilu’s bloggers lock Horns, As Supremacy Conflicts Escalates


By Guest Contributor

KITUI two bloggers allied to County Government of kitui last month locked serious horns over who is close to the county boss, The two almost exchanged blows in one of the town joint as Merry joint in the club were left scamparing for safety.

The county head of digital communication in the office of Governor is alleged to have molested blogger Steve Mumbu and threatened to stop his support from the county government, the utterances forced Steve to hit back like a forced lion in the land of Masai mara.

During the commotion the Steve Mumbu was overheard saying it’s only the Governor Ngilu who can stop his engagement from the county government but not a mere officer, we were not able to reach to Dennis his phone went unanswered.

The unfortunate incident happened at the best joint club in kitui town ‘Zero 15’ on December as kitui citizens prepare to bid farewell to 2019, confirming the story Mumbu said he has been threatened by Denis omwange.

Senior government officers and bouncers of the club were forced to intervene between the two and calmed down the crisis, sharp differences have been witnessed between the two bloggers, but we have not been able to establish the cause of the sharp differences.

More as we get it.


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