Wiper breakup inevitable as Muthama announces another Kamba meeting



Wiper party tycoon Muthama Nduya has escalated his calls towards charting a new different political roadmap for the KAMBA community away from Kalonzo MUSYOKA.

In what appeared to be a rallying call for Kambas to rebel against former VP Kalonzo Musyoka, Muthama could be headed to a different camp ostensibly taking thousands of Wiper supporters with him.

The gemstone dealer has called for another Kamba Community meeting just a week after his party boss Kalonzo MUSYOKA hosted a community meeting in Yatta.

“I don’t not support Kalonzo comments that he will stick with Uhuru. This is total betrayal and we will not watch as he leads Kamba community to political oblivion.

We want nothing short of Kamba presidency” said the tough talking former Machakos senator whose friendship with Kalonzo is headed for the rocks.