Kwenze Kwenze Holiday Message Lit Up the Internet In Kitui


Kitui Tourism sports and Culture executive Member Hon Patrick Koki Musau has urged the residents of kitui to share the little they have with less privileged in the society during this festive season.

The Holiday message of goodwill to the residents has been received with a lot of Humility and honest among the residents of kitui.

The Minister definitely commands a fanatic following in Mwingi west and kitui in general, He is known as kwenze Kwenze, Lu the same time vasila moves Crowd with his wits and unique talent! He is among the Most trusted ally of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

May this season bring upon us God’s Grace and Mercies, Let the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ renew in our spirit of compassion, mercy and love to all, especially those in need The Minister has said.

According to the Message of good which was seen By COUNTY DIARY, the Minister called upon the people to share the little they have with less privileged in the society saying that is the true meaning of Christmas celebration.

“As we travel to celebrate with our families let us exercise caution and duty of care on the road, May God bless you and your families with abundance in this festive season, Merry Christmas & Happy

Hon Patrick Koki Musau a.k.a Kuvasila County Minister, Tourism, Sports & Culture/Kitui County