Twitter blast into flames as Dp Ruto and Raila lock horns Ahead of 2022



Political speaking the Jubilee party did not lose in kibra by election, the contest was between the future coalition partners against the opposition leader who controls the biggest slums in the east Africa, popularly known as Kibra.

William Ruto is now a spicy Politician and he knows Kibra is Raila Odinga’s Stronghold,therefore,he didn’t go to kibra to win, but with another mission in preparation for the big 2022 battle between him and Raila odinga.

The Opposition Chief had no choice other than to win, literally and claim his political authority in the slum where his strength lies.Had he not won the seat, his political career could have been hanged, which looked as if it was on swollen tree, by reaching out to the other political leaders was a clear indication he was under siege politically.

The juvenile Jubilee candidate who did not have the required support of the party leader, he was being used to test the political ground and by extension The Dp made a great impact politically in Nairobi. In Africa presidents don’t loose election.

The outcome has made twitter users vibrate on flames, With several people tweeting about the contest.

The Dp has since congratulated his team ” Thank you all our leaders and members for standing firm with Mariga our JUBILEE candidate. We have demonstrated unprecedented resolve in the face of many odds to proudly double our % presence in territory otherwise considered no-go & shaming those who betrayed our leader & party”,

Pongezi Benard Okoth for Kibra. Congrats Mariga, Team Jubilee & supporters for daring the so called ‘bedroom’, braving the chaos/violence, to double our vote from 12%(2017) to 26% now. Our competitors came down 78% (2017) to 52%. They retained the seat we have served notice, he tweeted.

Kibra constituency is no longer Raila odinga’s bedroom but a battle field where everyone has a chances of winning.In 2022,the hustler nation will invade Raila Odinga’s purported Strongholds and turn them as a battleground for equal chances while William Ruto’s Strongholds are intact,this will increase gap between him and Raila Odinga.

Kibra you are amazing! In spite of questionable reinforcements ,the con-handshake candidate narrative, the violence/ intimidation, you went past the gate, the door & voted Jubilee a third of ‘bedroom’. You have changed the politics of, not just Kibra but Kenya. We are indebted. The Deputy President tweeted.