I Have What It Takes To Manage Kenya, Says Prof Kaluyu



WASHINGTON: Professor Jeff Kaluyu, the Kenyan 2022 presidential candidate has what it takes to be the President of Kenya.

Speaking to the media the Wallstreet honcho who horned his skills in the cut throat hedge fund markets and American universities believes his skills in public finance management stands him a good chance.

Kaluyu powerfully claims and insuniates that “his public record towers above the current array of presidential candidates”.

Dr. Kaluyu has proved that being outside the government does not limit a people’s leader, it rather strengthens the leader.

As a University professor Dr. Jeff Kaluyu has been initiating, connecting and encouraging learners from his mother country to apply scholerships to US through his noble programs.

He fixed a local road that had been neglected for decades in his County.

He has brought “Dr. Kaluyu Youth and Women Empowerment Center (KYWEC)”.

You will find Dr. Kaluyu grassroots projects in many communities including in the Jua Kali youth, widows and in churches.

He regularly drops by any local shops for a soda as he popularises his newly formed UCP political party.

A pragmatic leader, Kaluyu says he doesn’t believe in staged photo opps and instead prefers to stay a day working with communities many of which are never photographed at all.

“I have respect for the leaders who came before me; from Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
to Uhuru and other leaders including Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka.

“I believe i am the right person to finish the job they started” he said during this interview with COUNTY DIARY.

He believes that the next leader will need to come from outside the system.

“Corruption has compromised many of our leaders. Kenyans are ready for change and I am positioned right to take the mantle from here on” said Kaluyu speaking to COUNTY DIARY