16 Facts You Should Know About Charles ‘CNN’ Nguna – The MP Mwingi West



  • Charles Ngusya Nguna (CNN) has spoken 69 times in Parliament.
  • The Mwingi West MP, the founder and patron of Charles Nguna Foundation has been hailed as one of the most Pro-Youth MP in Kenya according to a recent survey.
  • Through his ambitious Blue Regime Schools Upgrades in Mwingi West, Hon. Charles Nguna has constructing brand new classrooms in primary schools and secondary schools in Mwingi West.
  • Charles Nguna holds distinction a Masters Degree in Economics from Middlesex University and 2nd Class Degree in Political Science from London School of Economics.
  • Nguna is widely experienced in public finance management having worked in various PLCs including Etihad Airways as a senior Finance Officer for 2 years before rising to country Finance Manager in the airline and before his promotion to Regional Finance Manager in the same airline.
  • 5. He is the founder and patron of Nguna Cup, a local football league.
  • Known to posses an iron grip in Kitui County politics, the popular youthful Wiper politician was elected in a landslide garnering 14,818 votes flooring the non-perfoming incumbent Bernard Kitungi who got a paltry 8,594 votes in August 2018.
  • CNN has since 2017 disbursed millions in bursaries to thousands of students making him the most celebrated MP in academic circles in Kenya.
  • An adept sportsman and track athlete and has been winning medals for Kenya in international competitions.
  • CNN, as he is popurlaly known commands over thousands of fans across his 3 social media pages including Charles Nguna Foundation, Charles Nguna League Cup Foundation and Hon. Charles Ngusya Nguna CNN – MP Mwingi West.
  • The MP through CDF has been funding many projects in his constituency of which are some are still in progress.
  • The popular Charles Nguna Foundation has been supporting students with clearance of their school fees arrears, not forgeting his tremendous help to the orphans in his area.
  • On youth and women empowerment cohort, the MP has radically revolutionarised access to government funds including Uwezo Fund for women groups and youths as well as the National Government Cash Transfer Programme.
  • Did you also know that (CNN) holds a Degree from USIU and he is Summa Cum Laude ( 1st Class Honors ) and that in his class only 3 students got it?
  • Also he is an ACCA finalist and a Certified Financial Analyst all done from Strathmore university and London school of business respectively.
  • A globetroter, Charles Nguna has travelled to over 120 countries in the world not in addition, he is also a super Arsenal FC fan.

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