James Kalelo Muthui Manifesto Continues To grip Kitui East Residents Politically Ahead of 2022



Confusion and sleepless nights have been witnessed in Kitui East where incumbent and the other long time known Parliamentary aspirants are afraid of Kalelo declaration of an interest to run for the Kitui East Parliamentary seat.

Many terming Kalelo as a big threat and the only able strong youth who can unseat the the current Mp, multitude of Kitui East electorates have vowed to stand with Kalelo, someone who is sobber and genuinely ready to serve his people.

Kalelo, being strong in ground, reached the decision of declaring his interests after consultations with Constituency opinion shapers, and Mwananchi in general, who promised to send Kalelo to Kenya National Assembly as their representative.

The propagandas going round and being spread by a team of clueless blind fellows that Kalelo is someone’s Project are fake and unsellable to our people. Kalelo is determined to save our people and we have no doubt with him, he is the only hope for Kitui East, someone serious who can beat hands down those who think that they own any part of the large Constituency, a section of Kitui East residents spoke to our sources.

Those who are ready to face Kalelo prepare early, it will be a hot race but peaceful one ever. Kitui East people are not sons and daughters of a lesser God.