State Demolishes Inyali Alshabab camp in Mutha as intruders are ordered to leave



The government has finally acted to restore order and peace in Mutha torn area of kitui south, “last week kitui county commissioner Mr. John Ondego requested people who were residing at the game reserve to leave.

The country top cops visited the suspected inyali al-Shabab camp for fact-finding a mission and they were able to see the hostility at the camp, and state-ordered people who are inhabiting at kitui south game reserve to leave, Inyali camp had been the save haven for al-Shabab ground and children Making factory.

It’s estimated the camp had more than 500 children who were not attending any school other than religious studies.

The eviction of those people residing at the government game reserve has been welcomed by locals and leaders from the area and beyond.

The school which closed many years back following insecurities at the borderline has finally been demolished, thanks to the Mp who brought the security team to Mutha and pushed hard for the demolition of Inyali al-Shabab camp.

Much thanks to kitui Governor Ngilu who led all Kitui county MPs to the CS Matiangi, thanks to all that participated in one way or the other, we thank county commissioner Mr. Ondego and Mutomo DCC, mutha resident told COUNTY DIARY reporters

We now urge them to demolish Kona Kariti, Uwanja wa ndege and finally Kalalani.

Inyali is now flattened we thank God for this actualization, It has been a calculative move, mixed with counter reactive actions but prayers that the people of mutha placed through numerous vessels magnificently the people’s petition that surprised many.