Wiper Party Leader Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka now regrets abandoning the pioneer Members of Makueni County Assembly in favor of a troubled Kibwana in the last polls.

While addressing mourners at the burial of Mr. Mutuku Katila, the father to the former Majority Leader Francis Mutuku alias Musso, a remorseful Kalonzo apologized to the former MCAs for treating them with partiality.

“I regret not listening to you Musso, your team and Speaker Ng’elu when there was a conflict of interest in the County leadership a few years ago” Musyoka lamented, hinting that he might have given a deaf ear to their side of the story. “Someone deceived me to believe that this bright young man called Ng’elù is a witch” he added pointing at former County Speaker.

It is the first time the former Vice President has come out publically in support of the former County Assembly leadership since the day he asked Wiper supporters to punish them on the ballot, which they did. Only one out of the 30 elected MCAs survived the onslaught, Mzee Mutungi MCA Kathonzweni ward.

This is a relief to the former MCAs who were branded greed and shocker to Governor Kibwana who sailed back to power by tactically dislodging his foes from Wiper Party and perpetuating the blackmail.

The event was also attended by many other dignitaries who had fallen out with Kalonzo over Kibwana. Speaker after speaker they eulogized Musso’s dad as a great man who was selfless to the community and pilled pressure on the former Majority leader to continue popularizing Wiper and use his influence to target a higher seat where he can exhibit his leadership skills in the next polls.

“We need to launch Wiper County Caucus lobby and Makueni being the strongest Wiper zone in Kenya should be the first. I count on you Junior and Musso to get that done soonest possible.

” Kalonzo directed Senator Mutula Jnr and the former Majority Leader who is also Wiper Party chairman in Makueni County. On his part, Mutula Jnr termed Musso as the best Majority Leader Makueni has ever had.

“Nobody can handle the docket of Majority Leader better than this man. Musso, you are so far the most competent Majority Leader we have had and i doubt if you if anyone else can match your skills” Said the Senator.

The Senate Minority whip congratulated the current Assembly under the leadership of Speaker Mbilu for rejecting the Punguza Mzigo initiative noting that BBI has better solutions for a troubled Kenya.

On his part, KMTC Chairman Professor Kaloki said that the best way to eulogize Musso’s dad is by exercising a prudent utilization of public resources we are entrusted with in leadership dockets.

He said he has so far launched three Medical training centers to ensure that the national Government provides counties with enough medical staff as health is a devolved function.

Fred Muteti who heads the sports docket in the country termed Musso as a childhood friend and promised to sit down with him and Speaker Mbilu to agree on a who should represent Kilili ward in the spirited Maanzo succession.

“As you are all aware that Maanzo will be contesting as Senator, I will sit down with Mbilu and Musso to agree on who Kilili ward shall front as our candidate for MP,” said Muteti.

However Musoma a former Makueni Parliamentary Aspirant pushing for a boundary review proposal to have Kilili demarcated in a new Nzaui Constituency kept off the political talk instead of calling for respect and acknowledgment of civil society groups as heroes combating corruption in the county.

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo disputed the notion that the Mutonguni By-election where Wiper lost to an MCC candidate was a true reflection of Ukambani politics. “Kalonzo was not competing with money contributed and distributed by Ruto and three Ukambani governors,” said the vocal Makueni MP.

The sentiments were echoed by Women Rep Museo who in a quick rejoinder noted that things are different on the ground are different. Wiper undoubtfully maintains a firm grip on regional politics.

The two called for political tolerance as a County Government official only identified as Kivungi found himself between a rock and a hard place over scratching remarks against the Wiper leader.

The send-off was befitting and well attended by the clergy and the political class. Rest in peace daddy.