Fertilizers for Machakos Farmers: How to Apply



The Crops Directorate purchased 10,473,50kg bags of various fertilizers to be issued at a subsidized price to farmers in Machakos County.

The consignment consists of -:

NPK 23 1,786 bags
CAN 4,000 bags
DAP 4,687 bags
Total 10,473 bags

The fertilizeris strictly to benefit farmers from Machakos County and the following guidelines should be followed:-

•Fertilizer to be sold to Machakos farmers only

•Each farmer to get a maximum of 3 bags of each fertilizer type.

•The fertilizer will be sold through the 3 NCPB depots in the County namely; Machakos, Tala and Kithimani through a voucher system.

•The fertilizer issuance voucher will be given in any Ward Agricultural office and must be approved by the Ward Agriculture Officer, area Chief and area Ward Administrator.

•Payment to be made to County bank account and payment slip taken back to the Agriculture office for issuance of the fertilizer voucher (sample appended here below).
Optional where distance from the bank to the agriculture office allows

•DAP will be sold at 1400=,

NPK and CAN will be sold at 1200=

The price is inclusive of Ksh160 handling charges.

•Benefiting farmers will pay to the county revenue account 1240= for DAP and 1040=. for NPK and CAN for 50kg bag and 160= per bag to NCPB as handling charges.

•The Machakos County Revenue Account details:
Account Name: Machakos County Revenue Account

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank

Account Number: 1140764594

•Register of benefiting farmers to be maintained at each ward agricultural Office (It’snot arequirement for farmers to appear in our main county register used to access subsidized fertilizer from the National Government)

•Farmers to present “approved voucher and banking slip of payment to the county government account” to NCPB depot manager before accessing the fertilizer.