Has Ruthless ODM gone back to Violence factory settings?


ODM has gone back to factory settings, that of mayhem and unleashing crude violence – with unmatched ruthlessness – on its peaceful Jubilee opponent in kibra by election.

Not even the handshake could tame these bloodthirsty goons and baffoons, Not even our progressive electoral laws. Wow! And guess the silly excuse they give as part of damage control? That IDs were being bought. Isn’tt it laughable? Who in his/her right mind can believe this outlandish lie if not ODM slaves? Mark you, this comes barely a week after they accused IEBC of planning to rig the Kibra by-election.

If this party has to be given a trophy, let it grab that of being the most violent political outfit North of Limpopo and South of Sahara. Quick recovery to the injured.

These people should be arrested and be prosecuted.