The Gvt to lay-off 60% of Casual workers as Wage bill bites



The County Government of kitui is set to lay off superfluous casual workers in a move to streamline the untainable wage bill, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

In a circular seen by COUNTY DIARY emanating from the acting county finance executive Member Mr Ben Katungi, the directives is set affect several county employees who are on casual terms,

The directives takes effect immediately, Ref :CGKTI/CT/FIN/1/111/45

All Accounting Officers :RE: CASUALS EMPLOYEES

I refer to your attention to County Treasury Circular reference no. CGKTI/CT/FIN/1/111/45 issued on 29 September 2019 regarding expenditure controls during 2019-20 PY

The County Govermment of Kitui is going through a very tight fiscal space owing to the very
many competing needs and in a bid to save resources and channel them towards, implementation of life changing projects, further austerity measures will be effected.

Towards this end, you are directed to terminate the contracts for all casual employees with immediate effect except the market cleaners in Kitui Municipality, Mwingi town and Ministry of Public service and Administration.

The respective budgets for casuals in the 2019-20 FY have been scaled down to cover for only expenses incurred from July to September 2019.

The Accounting Officers for Kitui Municipality, Mwingi town and Ministry of Public Service
and Administration are advised to scale down the number of casuals by 60% as this is what
has been provided for in the budget.

This directive takes effect immediately.

Ben Katungi
Ag. County Executive Committee Members
Kitui County Treasury

Copy to:

H.E. The Governor
County Executive Committee Members