Likoni accident Victims’ bodies finally retrieved



The car and the occupants that plunged in the Indian ocean thirteen days ago have finally been retrieved by the government of Kenya Navy divers.

It was a joy to the family, friends and the country at large after the ill-fated car registration Number KBC 289C that plugged to the ocean killing Marian kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu was retrieved from the deep sea.

Speaking to media after the conclusion of the exercise that lasted over thirteen days, National government leaders, led by Government spokesman, transport Ps praised team for the cooperation and revealed the government will cater burial expenses for the family.

Mombasa leaders led by Governor Hon Hassan joho called for the social media users and Mainstream Media to exercise tolerance when reporting, and give the family humble time mourn their loved one.

The governor also praised the government navy divers for putting their life in line to retrieve bodies.