The Old Must Go to New Manifest, You Must be Born Again



The old MUST go for the new to manifest. You MUST be born again. The seed MUST dis-appear for the tree to manifest. Unconsciousness MUST disappear for consciousness to manifest.

When digging a well, we don’t bring in the water from the underground. It has always been there. All we have to do is dig and throw away the dirt-the soil, the stones, the mud. Suddenly the water stars welling up. We must put effort into destroying that which we don’t want before creating that which we want.

There is no shortcut to the Law of Conscious Growth. All creation
MUST be preceded by destruction. Now, whether we do this knowingly or unknowingly makes no difference, but the law cannot be compromised.

Before you can love, you must cease to hate, and not just cover up your hatred. Before you quit sinning, your sinfulness must go, and not just cover up your sins with some goodness. That’s hypocrisy, and we Masters can smell hypocrites from miles away.