Leaders lock horns Over The Proposed affordable County housing scheme



The Minister for Road, Urban development and Housing Eng Jacob kakundi on Wednesday Morning brought a stormy issue of county housing scheme as the best approach toward Millennium goals, the Matter elicited mixed reaction from netizens on a popular county WhatsApp forum dubbed Kitui Professional Chat, which comprises all leaders in kitui county.

The first person to throw jibe was the former Minority leader hon John Kisangau of kwa vonza ward in kitui rural sub county.

The MCA posed! ” Do we need water, Good healthcare and better roads or houses we can’t afford? This isn’t Nairobi or Mombasa where such makes sense we have more pressing needs first, This Housing program is just another Artificial insemination… you even confirmed with your middle finger up there, Mbaki Mbaki fumed.

The Minister responded by saying All programs are important as we battle the 1963 basic rights, you just mentioned,AI is one of the best programs in wealth creation…our Neighbour’s in Kajiado embraced this many years back and now 100% of their breeds are transformed including their minds!

Kisangau retorted, “The county investment plan here is land and the consultancy fee which amounts to Ksh 23m( a share of this is what the executive is chasing). However, That policy will never go through the floor of the house.

Eng kakundi fired back, “We must get our priorities right, Policy is always an intent, policies originate from many areas…the constitution, the ACTs, the county etc….be driven by vision, not inputs.

The former Narc Minority Leader went further to challenge the Minister Eng Waziri Kakundi to explain:-

  • You should explain which job opportunities exactly you’re talking about? And for what duration of time? Does it mean;
  • The contractors building the houses will suddenly employ our youths and women?- Which contract supports this?. and
  • – Exactly who is to afford the housing?-
  • What are the prices of the houses and how are they benefitting “Musangi”
  • when Musangi is busy looking for water for her withering crops on her farm and school fees and food for her children and a good road to transport her produce?
  • Who exactly is the housing for?.

Since when did people who are used to their own land where they can have some chicken, goats or cows and grow basic vegetables, get loans to buy a flat in a crowded place with no space for farming? Is this wisdom?

The executive would better use that Ksh 23m meant for consultancy to buy medicine and make our public hospitals better than waste it on nonsense that doesn’t help the people of kitui at all.

By a show of hands let the “professionals” being the “targeted market” say how many houses they’d buy, leaving their peaceful village homes for brick and mortar in kitui town that doesn’t even have piped water to the already established residencies?.

  • Which public participation has been done before such a decision was made to use public land like that?.

  • How many Kenyans would consider buying a house in kitui? Who was consulted in making this decision?.

  • Mustang was asked if she wants an “affordable” house in kitui town and which Musangi answered in the affirmative?.

  • Affordable is different in meaning to different people. Whatever is affordable to people living in spring valley may not be affordable to people living in mango.

  • What pricing are they talking about being affordable? The 5 pillar manifesto the current government was voted in to implement did not speak of houses.

  • Does it mean the 5 pillars have already been implemented to Musangi’s satisfaction so that now they move on to building castles in the air?

  • A video from Austria is a slap in the face of Musangi, one harder and more severe than Kidero’s on Shebesh’s face! It’s an insult to the poor women forced to trek for kilometers on end in search of the elusive “gold” that is water.

It’s a kick in the face of the children in need of good quality early childhood education, which is the Constitutionally placed responsibility of county governments to support. It’s a bucket of cold water to the hopes and dreams of our youths for a better tomorrow.

  • Who deluded the executive that kitui is like Austria in terms of development and needs fulfillment, such that now all that people need is housing in town? We will definitely shoot it down on the floor!.