Confusion to Political Nyaff & Zombies As Ngilu,Mulyungi Unite



The County diary Perspective

There is talk in town that if kitui Governor Ngilu and Mwingi central Mp Hon Mulyungi agrees to put asunder their perceived differences, there are several people in Kitui and Mwingi who will be rendered extrinsic in the next coming days.

The discrepancies between the Governor Charity Ngilu, Members of the county assembly and the Members of Parliaments have been created by the blockhead supporters of the same leaders, the COUNTY DIARY can now report.

By agreeing to work together there are political zombies and Buffon who will be rendered irrelevant politically, the supporters of the elected leaders have always created turmoil among leaders for their personal gains and vendetta.

By saying Hawa si wetu, These are not our people, the Narrative has Negatively affected the smooth operation of the elected leaders.

The COUNTY DIARY has always said those interested in fighting the Governor should trust their own guts, have their own platforms and have their individual opposition agenda. People should Stop following the differences of other people like a hyena does on the swinging hands of a walking man.

Those riding on other people’s disparities to advance their unfounded opposition agenda will be in for a big shock going forward.

We urge ignoramus, imbecile and dimwit followers to Stop feasting on other people’s political agenda; some people will be disappointed big time. You may end up more injured than those you wish to destroy