Why Life will always frustrate Mediocre Mind



Life always frustrates those mediocre minds who think life must treat them exceptionally as if life exists only for them. The sage, the wise man, flows with life and never hopes against it. So how can you frustrate a sage?

Somebody asked a zen master, ‘What is the definition of a sage?’

The master said, ‘A sage is one who hopes that the rains will come after the summer and that winter will follow the rains.’

The man was puzzled because this is how it happens, so what is the point of saying it? He said, ‘Are you in your senses? What are you saying? – “A sage is a person who hopes that summer will be followed by rains and rains will be followed by winter”?’

The master said, ‘I am talking in my senses. Yes, That’s exactly what I mean.’ And the man said, ‘That’s how it happens!’

The master laughed and he said, ‘The sage is one who always hopes only for that which already happens. He never hopes against it. He simply hopes that two and two will be four, so of course, all his hopes are fulfilled. How can you frustrate a sage? – because he only hopes for that to which life is already moving.

Become a sage by flowing with life, not by hoping against the obvious. That’s idiocy.