Makueni Senator Mutula Jr has warned Governor Kibwana that smear campaigns will not stop Senate from probing corruption allegations laid on his administration.

He reminded the Governor that no one is above the law and that any capabilities of corruption dealings will be prosecuted. “The train on dealing with corruption has left the station. If Rotich a close ally of the president was charged, no one is immune” ~ said a furious Mutula.

He further clarified that he would rather lose on ballot if it is the only price he has to pay to win the war on graft. “No one knows about 2022, there is a future beyond politics.Those who imagine we will back off had better get thick skin” he added noting that he is not afraid and he can never be . “I remain faithful to my oath of office irrespective of any consequences” he charged.

He said the County has been on the spot over the alarming rate of complaints launched by several residents and that Senate finds it an area of interest as they are mandated to oversight counties. “Makueni is under scrutiny, those concerned should prepare. Whistle blowers are now in dozens” Kilonzo reprimanded.

This comes after a wide range of allegations from a section of leaders accross board that a section of the Senators and auditors are demanding bribes to give governors a clean bill of health in financial records. This is slowly brewing institutional conflict and Kenyans have been treated with mediocricy by constitutional institutions. Analyists warn that devolution is at stake and that there is need for those charged with leadership to rise above their moral instincts.

Mutula who rarely picks up unnecessary battles seems to have been angered by the words of Kibwana on a local FM station on Thursday morning. While responding to Sir Mwenge Mwenge on Musyi FM governor he accused the vocal Senator of slumbering in job and fighting development. “Mutula doesn’t come or send people to inspect our mega county projects. Expecting such people to come where development is happening is like inviting a witch to attend your church service” said Kibwana.

This comes barely two weeks after Narok County Senator Ole Dama Kina chastised the governor for disregarding and challenging the authority vested on CPIAC whose summons he first turned down before bowing to public pressure. “Instead of Gov. Kibwana preaching to his choir in Makueni WhatsApp Groups he should prepare his responses to EACC and familiarize himself with article 125 of the constitution on the powers given to CPAIC Committee. Socrates once said; when the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser. said Kina.

While visiting Makueni the sessesional commitee faulted how Auditor General report was compromised raising suspicion of bribery to deliberately leave out crutial information on dam construction. Makueni County was given a clean audit in 2018/19 financial year after getting it wrong in five consecutive years. The ongoing Senate Mashinani programme is only focused on 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 and Makueni had questionable audits ranging from; misappropriation, misuse to reallocation of funds in the said three financial years. It is also the same time Makueni topped in Counties that had returned the highest unspend funds to treasury due to legislative and budgetary implementation challenges.

There has been concerns on to what extent the office of a Senator in Kenya should play oversight role on their respective County triggering online debates on who between the MCAs and Senator should Governors answer to first on auditor general queries. Makueni MCAs have been trolled by a section of social media for the last three weeks now.

“Questions of who should do the audit is none of our business. That’s the work of the Senate by the way. So let the governors respect the work of the senators and appear before the PIAC committee for grilling” Wiper Nominated Wiper MCA Lynette Mbula retaliated.