Nasa is Dead as Dodo, ODM Secretary Sifuna Shocks Nasa Partners


On Tuesday, ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna told Nation that “Nasa died a long time ago.” Declaring that he has Mr Odinga’s blessings in pushing for the dissolution of the coalition, Mr Sifuna said: “We now want to formalise it and perform the final rites. the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

Fresh coalitions will emerge from the Kibra election, whatever the result, He challenged their partners “to get together in their village huts, draft the papers, sign them and bring it for the third signature at Orange House if they are men enough.”

Mr Sifuna, who in the past has said that ODM will not walk on its knees to resemble their shorter partners, pointed out that the shape and form of their new relationships will be known in future. He added that they cannot work with people who undermine them. “We want to formalise this divorce instead of them always undermining us and pretending to be our friends,” said Mr Sifuna in the wake of Nasa feud over fielding of candidates in Kibra.

Wiper Secretary-General Judith Sijeny dared Mr Sifuna to make a formal communication on the plot to dissolve Nasa. She argued that his sentiments were not a true reflection of coalition leader, Raila Odinga. “They are those things Sifuna vomits during campaigns,” she said. Wiper Vice-Chairman Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said Nasa has structures led by co-chairs, and accused Mr Sifuna of always “out of turn all the time and on matters above his position as secretary-general”.