Leave Ngilu Alone, Kitui residents tell off Camel Barons



The residents of kitui county have rubbished the sponsored hashtags on Twitter terming it a scare tactic to have the governor Ngilu slow down on pursuing a lasting solution on Mutha camel menace which has left several people killed and dozen homeless.

“Who wants to arrest governor? Our people must be free no intimidation. They can pay millions of bloggers but Kitui County must be freed and live in peace. No apologies, kitui east youth leader posted on social media.

The government is committed to flushing out armed bandits in kitui game reserve, kitui county commissioner has said.

The camel owners have hatched a scheme to scare the governor Ngilu by sponsoring Twitter hashtag dubbed #ArrestkituiGovernor, interesting the hashtag is being pushed by people who come the volatile area whose cousins and relatives have fled homes in fear of bandits attacks.

Nevertheless, The sponsored #ArrestKituiGovernor hashtag on twitter was poorly thought-out propaganda that only serves to put Governor Ngilu on a higher pedestal and in very good standing with the people of Kitui South, In the realm if Kitui politics.

Governor Ngilu is a hero who is willing to do everything humanly possible to protect her people, The sponsors of the hashtag have mistakenly pushed Governor Ngilu even higher politically.

The hashtag is already received merciless pushback from the rest of the country. Never mind that these utterances were made in 2017 and the governor was cleared by NCIC.

Propagandists in Kitui need to to start employing some creativity in their trade, otherwise, they will continue watching Governor Ngilu soar higher and higher.