It will not be Business as Usual In Makueni,Mutula Tells Kibwana



Makueni Senator Mutula Jnr has called on Governor Kibwana to appeal to a higher sense of accountability to the people who elected him after the latter skipped grilling by Public Accounts in Kitui on Thursday, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

A furrious Mutula who seems to have lost his patience with the controversial governor assured Makueni residents who have been questioning his silence on the corruption trends in the County that he will no relent on the war on graft.

“On this one , I am ready, we fought so hard for funds, we stomached insults, we worked until 9 pm to ensure counties get funds, we will suspend business to deal with audits” warned Junior adding that the President was very upset with senators for their comments on division of revenue.

“Governors should know senate is in a foul mood. As whip, I can tell you that it will not be business as usual” he said authoritatively.

The Senate Mashinani programme that is seeking to assess devolution with focus on utilization of 2015/6, 2016/7 and 2017/18 financial year budgetary allocations is interested in the loss of Sh.1.4bn out of the sh.9bn queried by the Auditor General. “Makueni County has Sh. 9bn to account for penny by penny.

It is unfortunate that all Ukambani governors have refused to attend this sittings. Regardless of all media hype about Makueni and Machakos, when the are asked to come and account for the monies in question, that’s when the rubber meets the rod” said Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi noting that the governors are fearing presence of media and members of public in the open forums.

“Why should a governor refer innocent citizens in the public gallery as hired goons? Aren’t they the same people who elected them?” he added. Our sources confided that the Senators have Incorporated a multi agency taskforce composed of detectives drawn from the DCI, ODPP, EACC and CBK Asset recovery department. The Governors seem to be avading arrest.

The unmerited absence of Kibwana was met with a lot of suspicion and name calling after he took on social media to defend himself. “Instead of Gov. Kibwana preaching to his choir in Makueni WhatsApp Groups he should prepare his responses to EACC and familiarize himself with article 125 of the constitution on the powers given to CPAIC Committee. Socrates once said; when the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Gov. Kibwana 40th day is finally here” said Narok Senator Ole Dama Kina. Members of Makueni County Assembly also found themselves on the receiving end after being trolled by a section of the electorate for lagging in oversight. “Questions of who should do the audit is none of our business.

That’s the work of the Senate by the way. So let the governors respect the work of the senators and appear before the PIAC committee for grilling” Wiper Nominated MCA Lynette Mbula retaliated.

Senator Mutula Jnr read deciet and a moral decadence in the Council Of Governors signaling a brewing institutional war with shortly after a rare show of unity in the heated division of revenue standoff that pit Senate and National Assembly. “In a society, those people who pretend or look good in the eyes of the people are the worst of God’s creation.

They are ordinarily judgemental of others and grade people. They appear in churches every Sunday making huge triangular or rectangular crosses to pass a message of Godliness. Far from it” said Mutula Jnr.DCI adding that these matters are serious and the country is treating them as such.

On his part Kitui Senator Enock Wambua bashed the Ukambani Governors for avading the sitting “Am ashamed to be associated with Makueni, Kitui and Machakos Governors” he reprimanded, warning that governors are not above the law.

It was a vindication to Political activist Musoma JM who has kept Kibwana’s administration on it’s toes for the last seven years. “Bwana Gavana when I released details of the corruption trends in your office you told the police that I had hacked county servers.

Now the cat is out of the bag and it’s your turn to be arrested by the same DCI officers. Corruption fights back, we will defeat you” Musoma warned.He reminded Governor Kibwana that the means doesn’t justify the end.

Mutula had earlier in the month threatened that to jail all corrupt county officials if he becomes governor in 2022 but Kibwana now blaims him for his tribulations on his ambition. Tension looms as Mutula promises to bring the sitting to Makueni for members of the public with any concerns to grill the executive.