Kitui Top officers Clobber each other like swine, Promise to Finish each other


Two senior county government officials almost fought each other like mad swine in the land of Limpopo, the COUNTY DIARY can now report, take a seat and hot coffee as we take you through the drama.

The officers almost clobbered each over the government dozer machine which has been laying idle for six month in kyangwithya east, kitui chief of staff had insisted the county machine must be used without having the roads be subjected to the tendering process.

Trouble started when Mr Nene Nzyuko ordered the chief of staff Mr ileli to hand over the keys of dozer, mr Chrispas insisted that the people of kyangwithya east where mama Ngilu enjoys massive support must get the services just like other people.

The other officer who is not a resident of kitui insisted that all road must be subjected to the tendering process in kitui, “The chief of staff Mr. Ireli ran berserk and almost hit the manifesto implementation adviser Mr Nene Nzyuko accusing him of Misadvising the governor Ngilu and being not in touch with the reality on the ground.

According to the powerful chief of staff popularly Known as “Mwene Game,” there are people who are inside the government but they have no agenda for the people of kitui other than looting kitui Coffers dry and we must protect the governor’s votes furious Ileli , vowed.

The government has for the last two month undergone serious whimper from government critics yet some clueless officers are pretending to the governor all is well, we will not allow the government to face more critics which are being orchestrated by the people who are aliens, there are people who are rocking the boat and they must shape up, chrispas added.