Exposed how Sub County admins are sabotaging the Governor Ngilu


The Just concluded public participation on finance bill 2019/20 which has widely been published the sub county administrators could not mobilize the public for the crucial public participation forum across the county, the COUNTY DIARY can report.

In Mwingi central sub county there was less than 20 people who attended the meeting despite the government using a lot of money to publicize the annual meeting on print media,it was a clear evidence of sabotage even ward administrators and he village admins did not attend the meeting.

Its noticeable the sub county on Friday mobilized all the bar owners to his office, where more than 100 bar owners attended his meeting, he could have mobilised them yesterday to attend the Important finance bill public participation forum, Muli a resident of Mwingi said told CD.

Bar owners has been notified that the county liquor board has not yet been established.

In other sub counties there was also poor turn out even ward admins and villages admin did not attend the finance bill forum despite the government spending a lot of resources to publish the annual meeting.

Its clear as day and night that there is a serious sabotage from within which Needs to be addressed.

A Calls has been made to the Governor Ngilu through the Ministry of co-ordination to consider reshuffling the sub county administrators and all the ward admins so that there can be efficient service delivery.

The call has been made to the following areas for the admins to be asked why they boycotted the meeting,

  1. Nguni sub-county and the deputy did not attend the meeting.

  2. Kyuso deputy sub-county did not attend the public participation seminar at his area

  3. Kitui central sub-County Administrator and his deputy did not attend either.

  4. Sombe sub-county admin and his deputy did not attend the public participation panel

  5. Mutomo sub-county deputy sub-county admin did not attend the public participation symposium

6.Kabati deputy sub county admin did not attend public participation

7.Kiusyani sub-county admin and his deputy did not attend public participation.

There is a Serious shut down in sub-counties where administrators being the government point men are letting the Governor down thus compromising the government position.

The information has been assembled by Government watchdog.

Disclaimer; The information shared here might not be necessary be the opinion of the management of the county diary, But the author.

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