Ambolish Inyali, Imuumba Alshabab Hideouts, Kitui Mps Plead to the State


By PATRICK KIMANZI & Correspondents

Kitui MPs are calling upon the State to move with speed and shut down the suspected Alshabab bandits enclaves in Imuumba and Inyali in Kitui South, COUNTY DIARY reports.

The remarks came after a high powered visit to the flash points today led by Parlimentary Security Committee Chairman Kiambaa Member of Parliament Paul Koinange the delegation toured Mutha, Imuumba, and Inyale in Kitui South and kitui east

“We are collecting views from the locals before presenting their findings in the National Assembly for adoption” said Koinange speaking to COUNTY DIARY after the visit.

Kitui South MP Rachel Kaki said that the bandits who are posing as camel headers have been using pupils to herd thousands of camels while they should be in school like any other kid in kenya and not in Madrasa.

The delegation spotted hundreds of camels despite denials by Kitui County security team.

“We have been forced to overfly Kalambani because of the tension on the ground. The Chairman has noted the banditry problem who are using sophisticated weapons and our security forces are bereft of the capacity to flush them out ” said Kaki.

“It is shameful that the rich people who own these camels don’t care about the education of the children who herd the camels while attending Islamic Madrassa. These children need proper education like any other kids in Kenya” she added.

Tension is high in Mutha Ward, Kitui South, after armed bandits allegedly beheaded a middle aged man and left three others nursing serious injuries while over a dozen families fled their homes in fear of their lives.

The attackers who have been masquerading as Somali camel herders, reportedly killed and inflicted injuries on the victims following sporadic pasture-related conflicts characteristic of the remote part of Kitui County.

Kaki said the people living in Kitui South Game Reserve should be kicked out regardless whether they are Kambas or Somalis.

“Our people are not going to move from the IDP camps until the terrorists are flushed out. It is unfortunate to have our people displaced in their own country” said MP Nimrod Mbai.

Meanwhile Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi reiterated that Inyali and Imuumba al-Shabab camps must be demolished to pave way forward for a lasting peace solution.

“Tomorrow the Parliamentary Security Committee will visit Engamba, Sosoma and Ukasi” said MP Mulyungi.