OPINION: You are too Insensitive, Kitui Residents Dismiss Kalonzo Musyoka


Show leadership in Ukambani or forget Kamba votes Kalonzo Musyoka told!

The people always wonder why hon Kalonzo Musyoka takes no stand and position on hot issues. The wiper leader is either insensitive to the people of Kitui or completely clueless.

The Kamba kingpin as he is called by many has been asked to make his position clear regarding ukambani endless political noise, where MCAs keep frustrating the governors!

“that he is the senior Most leader in ukambani why can’t he lead from the front? Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has had it rough with wiper MCAs, the wiper party leader could not intervene to save the governor from rogue wiper despite being asked to do so.

Residents accuse kalonzo for being behind Governor ngil u, kivutha and Mutua woes with County assembly MCAs

When Kitui sports executive member CECM Kuvasila asked him to intervene between kitui Governor Charity Ngilu standoff and majority of MCAs from his party the wiper leader told him ” he was neither Mp or an MCA, its None of his business yet he is expecting to be made the president of the Republic of Kenya, when his home county, the political infighting is the order of the day.

He distanced himself as if he lives in mars and Kitui troubles are alien to him. Yet he wants us to shoot due to yelilika! In fact, the governance mess we find ourselves was greatly caused by his ambivalent, noncommittal, please-everybody approach during the 2017 campaigns.

The people will vividly remember him saying, Kati was Malombe, Musila na Ngilu needs mundu umwe…and the Wiper candidate lost with a landslide! What do you call this conduct from our de facto leader?

On Insecurity and bandit invasion in Mutha, our MPs are emulating his hallowed carry-on!
Kambas fascinate me. We are busy discussing Mt Kenya politics instead of saying the truths that ail our community. Who will save us?

Is the insecurity issue in kitui in any way concerns you? Mr Musyoka is yes, why the silence?

“It is sad what is happening in Mutha. The fact is that it is the same residents who welcomed these camel people. They leased land to them and traded with them. Some even sold land to them. How then do they expect them to be driven out so easily? Somalis are awesome people. The Embus said no to them. Some fools here embraced them and their money. How will they be helped unless they shut them out completely? Lack of structural headship!

I wonder if they were told to return the money received from leases and trading so that they leave, what would they say? On the other hand, it is obvious the security forces eat these herders’ money so that kambas are victimized. We shouldn’t put ourselves in that position of being taken advantage of.

But many of us would do anything for money including the leaders who lead us! Who will go ahead and save the generation? Why is that its too hard for wiper leader to convene a meeting to discuss the stability of ukambani Counties? Is he the reasons behind ukambani troubles?

Same way, though Governor Ngilu banned charcoal export, Sand, same story, Kitui leaders led by Kalonzo Musyoka should be convening a regular meeting with all kitui leaders if he means well for ukambani! but it never happens.

Mineral-rich areas, same story. Look at Mui Basin, the place that has limestone. Much as we tell the people don’t sell, they accepted money from Athi River Mining and didn’t even get copies of the agreements.

Then very soon you will see them cry oh serikali oh tunanyanyaswa. They’ve accepted money for sale of land yet still continue to live on the land and squander the cash. They are in reality squatters. When the time comes to move, you will see them cry for the same serial they tell it’s their property they can do as they please.

We are cursed with foolishness and that’s the harsh reality!
Let’s are clear here – this is not about Kambas in general but about Kitui people, the Atheist. I have heard this story n many more.

Now here in Kitui a small group of herders armed with illegal guns are grazing thousands of camels on our land by force and ate killing, maiming and forced villagers to flee homes.

It’s just simple. Our elected leaders should mobilize our people and do one huge demonstration in Nairobi, Kitui, Mutomo, and Mutha and demand all the herders be moved back to their land

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