We Have Lost Patience With You, Kibwana Warned For Spending Public Funds In Political Campaigns



Makueni Wiper Chairman Francis Mutuku alias Musso has threated to invoke the riot act on Governor Kibwana and a section of Wiper MCAs for using public resources to promote the ideals of rival political outfits.

The former County Assembly Majority Leader said its unfortunate that the leaders have betrayed the electorate in executing their mandate. He further reminded them that they still owe fidelity to the party that sponsored them into power. The former Kilili MCA who seems to have renewed rivalry with the controversial County Chief faulted the latter for using funds meant for development to advance Muungano Party actities.

He said it is sad that the governor has been doing this in collution with the same members assembly who are expected to oversight him. “Kibwana must be told on his face that we Makueni residents are loosing patience with him.He has organised groups of mcas in the name of public participation to campaign against wiper .He must stop this misuse of public funds to fight a party which is feeding him and his wife.Otherwise we will take the war to his door steps” ~ said a furious Musso noting that the most notorious was Wote ward MCA Felix Mateso.

Makueni is Wiper’s hot bed, the County where the former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka commands a loyal following that has religiously voted for his party candidates. Every influencial Ukambani leader is fighting to control Makueni Politics which shape opinions for Presidencial polls in lower Eastern. History has it that Governor had to ditch his Muungano Party and cliff on Wiper to secure his second term.
“It is not a secret anymore the battle has began,they are elected on wiper and they are actively campaigning against the party” ~ the Makueni Wiper Chairman lamented, promising to release some secretly recorded tracks of such events.

This comes at a time when controversy looms over why the Kajwang Senate Public Accounts Commitee has ignored to engage the privious County Assembly leadership while taking stock on the implemention of devolution. “We just read from a section of media that a Senate select Committee will be visiting Makueni soon to access the effectiveness of devolution. It is regrettable that they are coming to evaluate the work of former assembly leadership but never saw the need to engage us” former Makueni Assembly Speaker Stephen Ng’elu reprimanded.

He urgues that the Senate’s efforts will be futile if the input of former Speaker, Majority and Minority leaders is not taken in account. “We are the people who were charged with oversight in the first five years of duration in question and we are better placed to address issues facing devolution than our successors. We learned alot when Makueni was facing governance crisis” he added. The three are nolonger in County leadership positions after the Kibwana pitted them against Wiper party and the electorate in last polls. Only Kathonzweni MCA Mzee Mutungi survived the onslaught that saw 29 of his counterparts ousted.

Ngelu cautioned that Counties have two arms of governance and as much as the law makers seek to understand the pros and cons of administration there are key legislative concerns that the current Speaker might not be privy to. “I am in talks with the Parliamentary Clerks coz i feel it will be fair to given a chance as pioneers who presided over Governor Kibwana’s first tenure in office” he added noting that Makueni is a good case study for anyone who wants to make laws that strengthen devolution.

“There are so many legal loopholes poked by the executive to mismanage, reallocate or misappropriate annual budgetary approvals as reflected in queries of previous auditor general reports. More than often governors overstep their mandate and that brews institutinal conflict as witnessed in our county. It’s unfortunate that our hands were tied after a court order burred an impeachment that would have seen Governor Kibwana grilled by Senate over the same issues they are purporting to address now” he added. Makueni goes in history as the first county in Kenya to impeach a governor and attempt dissolution, Taita Taveta is currently reading the same script.

There seems to be more than what meets the eye in Makueni, if remarks by Senator Mutula Jr are anything to go by, there are capacity issues in Counties. “I don’t suffer any syndromes of power, anyone found culpable of corruption will be dealt with. I don’t need to issue any threats, am not a good lawyer by mistake” a furious Mutula told a section of residents. He further warned any corrupt county officials in Kibwana’s administration to quit office “If i become Governor in 2022 i will fire and jail some of you” ~ the no_nonsense legislature warned. Probably we need to confer some more regulated powers to equip MCAs in their oversight role.

The amount spend on public participation is wanting, the thorny issue has divided Makueni Assembly sharply divided. The opposing lot led by a female Nominated MCA claims that the forums have become cashcows where preferred individuals are paid to attend undisclosed forums to influence legislation.”Why should Makueni waste upto the tune Sh.30 Million just to carry out public participation on a bill whose resolve wont benefit our people like BBI? We should instead focus on development agendas as our core mandate.” ~ MCA Mbula Mutula told a section of media at Wote town.

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