Kirinyaga County Assembly rejects Punguza Mizigo Bill


The punguza Mizingo bill which is Spear-headed by thirdway alliance party boss dr. Ekuru Aukot suffered another major blow in kirinyaga after the county leadership dismissed the bill, the COUNTY DIARY can report.

The County Assembly of Kirinyaga on Tuesday anonymously threw away the Punguza Mizigo Bill under the bus.

The Governor Mumbi Waiguru, EGH, OGW who is currently 47 years old is the 2nd and current Governor of Kirinyaga County in Kenya, in office since 22 August 2017, was elected as Governor in elections held on 8 August 2017. Previously, she served as the first Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Kirinyaga County remains firmly in support of HE Uhuru Kenyatta, the handshake, BBI & stands for cohesion and unity in the country, the governor Ann Waiguru said.