Senators lay a trap on Governors in Revenue division Allocation bill standoff



The standoff between national assembly and Senators over the division of revenue bill 2019 which is threatening to shut down counties was a trap on Governors in Revenue Allocation stand off, the county diary can report

It’s was just a game to fix county bosses against the wishes of the locals, we wish county bosses can wake up and team up with National Assembly representatives.

Imagine someone is accusing you of mismanagement of the fund, and on the same hand he proposing more funds for you…you can not accuse someone of mismanagement yet you need more money to be pumped to him…

The council of Governors is being misled by Senators so that they can fail their electorates it’s simple and clear! Yoana kimwele posted on his official Twitter account.
The national assembly and the president Uhuru Kenyatta, have already made position on the matter.

Whoever Advised Senators to reject the division of revenue allocation bill 2019 is the enemies of the sitting governors, the council of the Governors have threatened to shut down Units if the matter will not be resolved by September.

Kitui national youth council chairperson Mr. Aggry Nzomo has said “Shutting down counties on 16 September as Oparanya threatens is a dangerous move. The President should step in and iron out the issue.

By shutting down Counties, this will be a clear message that devolution has failed, The current strife between the governors and senators may be absolutely artificial!tough times by employees has exposed them to Shylocks!

Good enough this has created an avenue for old notes disposal from those who have them and most likely days before the end of this month the stalemate will be over!

We further need the regional Governors as proposed in the BBI to ensure that counties are NOT treated as collectively as a unit of 47 govts. Regional Governors will be able to be negotiating for counties regionally and independently,

Majority of senators will be going for governors seat by 2022, they want the Governors won’t be facilitated to loot with abandon. They’re not a law unto themselves. They must accept to be overnighted and subject to the dictates of the law.

Logical thinking is anchored on specificity. The global or general view is secondary. I hope you understand,

Governors should use what they have been allocated and come back after they have exhaustively exhausted it and accounted for it.

In Nakuru County returned millions of shillings to the National Treasury cause they were unable to spend them what an irony,

Take what’s already given then go on with lobbying by demonstrating the ability to meet the ideals of governance as per articles 174 and 175 of our constitution which expound on objects of devolution.
Accountability is a separate issue while allocation is a different issue.

“If this would have been the case, we should be seeing the Govt stating clearly that “monies will only be allocated to counties that have accounted for their previous amounts”.This is the same challenges their predecessor were facing.

However, instead of standing with them, they mobilized campaigns to unleash onslaught against the then governors, claiming that there were enough monies in the counties and that the then governors were misusing the funds.

Wish them all the best as they work on their balance sheet. It is artificial. The war old notes have surprised many, While many thought the hidden notes will assure circulation of money, it appears drug barons and cartels have decided to shred their notes.

If they collapse counties, the National Assembly, the Senate and CAs will/may legislate to allow the President to form Commissions to run counties as per the constitution. They will, therefore, be practically dissolved. Governors will have impeached themselves as the public rises against them. It’s foolhardy to move for the governors.

Some governors are said to be in possession of millions in cash siphoned from County coffers.
The standoff will be till 1st October, ” the county diary is not privy to how the new currency will be changed and the money is wired through If.

Leadership and management of public resources also come to the fore as this standoff continues, how do you explain the fact that there is already a shutdown in some counties while others are operating.
Shutting down counties has far-reaching implications on the governors themselves, not devolution. Let them dare.