Stop Mocking kamba Nation, Muthama Dismiss Prof Kivutha and Dr Mutua


The Former Powerful wiper Senator for machakos county has rubbished Makueni governor prof kivutha kibwana and Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua presidential ambitions saying they are just busybodies.

Hon Johnson Nduya Muthama who is eying the machakos gubernatorial on wiper ticket is a Kenyan business man and politician. He is the founder of Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya, who’se National party leader is Dr Stephen kalonzo Musyoka.

He once served as former ruling party KANU Vice Chairman to veteran Kamba politician, the late Joseph Mulu Mutusya in the larger Machakos District,Muthama is credited with assisting financially the former Cabinet Minister Paul Ngei from being declared bankrupt soon after 1979 elections when Standard Bank Ltd served him with a bankruptcy note after it failed to locate Ngei’s assets to auction so as to recover Sh2 million debt.

He was the MP and Government Chief Whip in the 10th Parliament when he served the larger Kangundo Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya from 2007 to 2013,He worked successfully for the split of the Constituency giving birth to Matungulu Constituency.

The Politician cum businessman was instrumental in negotiating for a coalition between retired President Mwai Kibaki and Wiper Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who became Vice President to calm tension after chaos erupted following the controversial 2007 Presidential elections before the Grant Coalition government was formed with ODM Leader Raila Odinga being appointed Prime Minister.

He served as first Machakos Senator 2013-2017 and was the first to hold the office of Minority Whip under the Kenya Constitution 2010,Muthama also co-chaired the Opposition outfit Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

During the 2017 general election he made a bold move not to defend his seat in principal aware he was destined to win,Sen Muthama currently co-chairs the opposition Coalition National Super Alliance (NASA) Management Committee.

Muthama said in the presidential equation in Kenya the two outgoing governors in ukambani has no chance they are just being used by outsiders to causes havoc in ukambani, but I muthama will deal with them.

The only serious presidential candidate from ukambani is the former vice President Dr Stephen kalonzo Muskoka who is the national leader who can be accepted in the whole country, the rest are just political none starters.

It’s very unfortunate to see these outgoing governors misleading kamba nation by announcing presidential ambitious to confuse us, whoever has the capacity should call a political meeting at Uhuru park or Tononoka ground and see if they will get 1000 people who can listen to them.