Kitui Senator Exposes Self On Rogue Goat Auction Over-Spending


On Saturday Morning Kitui Netizens woke up in shock to read a long WhatsApp post by the Kitui Senator attached to a table of cash flows from his office. We analyze the table bit by bit.

  1. The flopped Nguni goat auction had its photos shared in forums. Is it really reasonable to report that the 6 tents and the 800 seats cost the office of the Senator kshs 1,000,000?.

  2. Which dancers and singers shared kshs 1,000,000 that the Senator says he spent on their entertainment? Who are this local artists who were paid this amount? Mama Kalondu who leads the Wendo wa Nguni dancers told CountyDiary that her group only got kshs 1,000 as tip from Hon Mulyungi.

  3. Why would Sen Kiio refuse that Hon Gideon Moi funded the entire event? Money from Moi totalling to well over kshs 2,000,000 is captured as donations from Kiio Foundation. Nobody has ever heard of this foundation and if it exists Kiio can’t raise such an amount, If the foundation exist can the good senator splash out the audited financial documents ?

  4. There are no cooperatives named as Nuu Farmers or Nguni Farmers. He deliberately fails to mention specific farmers or the real names of their cooperatives because farmers we never paid.

  • when was kiio foundation registered
  • Honest enough share audited accounts of the foundation
  • We are aware goat you took goat from Poor Nguni farmers to your Ranch at Mwakini ( Kanyoonyo Government land, how many goat did you take to Mwakini ranch?
  • How did you aquire the land?/can you confirm if you have grabbed the government land ?
  • considering the land from kanyonyoo to Mwakini belongs to the government ?
  • Can you confirm the Kyondoni dam which was sponsored by a donor at the cost of 2.5 million, was the money spend to the satisfaction of the donor considering it was done by local residents through labour based contracting ?,
  • Secondly, The good senator made a very serious allegation on the fire that gutted down the treasury offices last month, has he volunteered the information to the DCI?

The Senator owe us an explanation why he grabbed Mwakini ranch which belongs to the county government land without following the right procedures in line with the county government land act.

Has he obtained the county government license where he has kept the goats and who owns these goats?

Why was Sen Kiio missing when early this week the senate leadership led by Speaker of the senate hon ken Lusaka, senator orengo, Makueni senator hon Mutula Junior, and Muranga Senator Hon Irungu kang’ata visited Kitui county over the upcomng senate Mashinani? The event is expected to be held from 16, September 2019.