The future of kitui County is In your hand, Nimrod tells hungry Youth


19th, August 2019| County diary

The Future of Kitui County

Kitui East Member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka has called youth in Kitui to think bigger and focus on the next generation instead of fighting each other for handouts.

In heated online debate on Kitui professionals chat wall, the Mp posted “It happens, a rich man in the village dies and his children waste the family property and the family social foundation is broken within a short period of time ……”Mareemu aneendie na mali yake” the deceased has gone with her wealth.”

35 years ago, Kalonzo Musyoka was in Parliament, Musila was a DC, Kitili Mwendwa was minister.
20 Years ago, Ngilu was firmly fighting the Nyayo Government and was part of the second liberation, Ndoto was a Cabinet Minister

Today, the youthful leaders in Kitui are busy trying to earn some living by fighting one another, what does this say about the future of Kitui Country”

To my brothers and Sisters, the future of Kitui County is in our hands, as we hustle to pay rent, fees for our kids in the academies, a few coins for Jemison and Amarula, lets think of what will become of Kitui Ciunty in 10 years, 15 years, 20 years from today

“I Honour and appreciate brother Mutemi( NYC Regional Chair) for representing us i the National Board, Nimrod Added.

“Ndeto sya Kaveti kakuu syitikilawaa kakwa”/ the word of old lady is known well when she passes on, Kitui east member of Parliament posted on a county WhatsApp forun dubbed Kitui professional chat, which comprises all leaders from Kitui county.