Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Meets Workers Union Officials, As Salary delay bites


By Muli Mutua

The standoff between the National Assembly and Senate Over The controversial Division of revenue bill 2019 is threatening the stability of county governments in Kenya.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr wathe Nzau on Tuesday 13th August afternoon faced off with hungry and angry County workers, Over July salary delay, workers led by Union officials staged a peaceful demo demanding to know when they will be paid July salaries.

The County Employees from job group L and below on Tuesday Morning visited every County government office in kitui from every sector and called out all workers from Job group L and bellow to join them for a peaceful walk to the office of Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau at Tanathi Building Complex.

The hungry workers were Demanding to be addressed by the County leadership, not even Union official could handle them, workers led by Union leaders took the deputy Governor head-on demanding to be told why the county has not paid her them.

Dr. Wathe had a hard time trying to plead with hungry workers to give a dialogue chance, the workers kept asking why has the county government not negotiated with local banks to pay the workers? Like Other Counties.

The deputy Governor revealed kitui county is collecting 30 million every month and the county is paying over 300 million every month, so they can not pay workers through revenue collections, and urged workers to be patient as the county governments negotiates with national over the controversial revenue division bill 2019.

Wathe asked the county revenue team to upscale the revenue collections and urged workers to be patient as counties continue to talk to the national government, senate and National Assembly over the controversial division of revenue bill 2019.