By Guest contributor

Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has called for the county government of kitui to take the needs of marginalized areas seriously.

The legislator expressed gratitude to his constituency for having confidence in him, with the level of confidence and expectations the people of mwitika, zombe, Mutitu, Chuluni have shown for him to handle insecurity in the area.

Despite water being a devolved function, i have taken the matter with local water committee members and water is now flowing at various water points including Mwitika town, Kikuyu town, Syathani, kalawa, and Munandani we are sorting out small issues at Kalinga, mp said.

The other borehole which is being done by Tana Athi with be equipped by next month to support the current bore hole, this is good leadership by the local committee and our intervention, leaders will ensure a steady supply of water to all parts of mwitika, he added.

I will endeavor to assure a steady supply of water to our people during this dry season, to my people feel free to highlight these issues to me, mp added.

Nimrod was addressing a press conference on Friday at kitui town, I urge the county government to take ndee Nation needs with the same measure they are doing to municipality projects, we are not kind of lesser God, Nimrod added