Ngilu & NARIGP Pump 3 Million To 8 Self-help Groups in Mwingi North


By county diary

The county government of kitui in conjunction with NARIGP is partnering to bring lifeline to the locals through enhanced agribusiness farming in 20 wards.

The Over 20 peripheral semi arid wards in kitui county will receive financial support from kitui NARIGP development partner, Over 8 groups in Mumoni ward in Mwingi North were the first wards to receive financial support from the donor and will subsequently receive training for capacity building.

Kalamba Muyo Self-help group on Friday received 40 % of 389,600 from NARIGP and kitui county government led by The Governor charity Ngilu, the 60% of will be issued to the farmers in the second phase, the cheques were issued by kitui basic education chief officer madam Aggnetta Peter.

Ngungani youth Vissioners in Mwingi North also received 40% of a 448,200 in form of cheque which was issued to them by madam Agnetta Peter, the group has 30 members doing chicken rearing.

Kalamba muyo self-help group in Mumoni ward Mwingi North has over 30 members, the group is focusing on goat farming, green gram farming, chicken farming.

Munyi was Kandete self-help group got 40% of 129,500, Mukonga Agenda self-help group got 481,500, Muthamo self-help group got 423,100 Ksh, Ngereni New apostolic members self-help group got 106, 200ksh, Mumoni ward self-help group got 499,400ksh, Over 2,928,900.00 Kenya shillings will be spent in Mwingi North to fund several help groups courtesy of kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and NARIGP development partner.

Kitui Governor charity Kaluki Ngilu has been lauded for having a good network with development partners beyond kitui county.

The residents in Kitui have expressed their appreciation to the Governor Charity Ngilu and urged politicians to allow the Governor to implement the government manifesto without manipulation from political leaders

Kitui basic education chief officer madam Peter agenetta listens to members of Apostolic self-help group in Mwingi North.
Mwingi North residents laud kitui Governor Madam Charity Ngilu for continued cooperation with development partners as they receive a cheque from NARIGP Partners
The chief officer reiterated the government commitment in initiating life-changing programs for the locals
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