Dont kill Our Child, Kitui Senator Enock Wambua Told


By Musangi


Senator Enoch Wambua Kiio, do you understand this saying?

We the people of kitui have given you our child called Kitui County to nurture and protect it in the Senate in Nairobi. You have instead chosen to actively and mercilessly strangle the same child.

Who bewitched you? Or could you be the wrong person we entrusted?

When other senators are fighting for more funds for their counties, you are asking that Kitui be denied funding?

When other senators are trooping to Kitui to see the life-changing projects, you are running around like a deranged witch crying that your County is falling apart.

Senator, what is it that you have ever done for Kitui County? Name one person that has benefited from any village project attributable to you!

You are busy marketing maziwa ya Muranga instead of marketing Kitui County products. You have become a chief marketer of other counties and protecting their farmers. For kitui farmers, you staged a goat auction to swindle them, what happened to our senator?

You have never even once talked about the development programs in kitui even those done by the former regime of your wiper party.

You have put yourself under deliberate self-induced amnesia. Wake up and speak up against the theft of funds at the Kitui cash assembly. MCAs have fleeced Kitui County In fictitious and suspect overseas travel allowances into millions of shillings and you are yet to say a word. Have they also bribed you into silence?

Senator, are you truly a father who can choose to kill a child instead of nurturing it? And don’t hide behind religion, your true colors are clear as day and night!