Leave Hon Mbai alone Whatsapp Noise Makers told


By Real Musangi

The kind of nonsensical theatrics that we get in Kitui is appalling. How in the name of Jesus did the MP for Kitui East Hon. Nimrod Mbai become a pariah in Kitui East.?

Hero to Zero?

Months ago when the honorable member was putting out harsh words directed at the CGoK he was popular, a hero and a savior in WhatsApp groups. He was then proudly being referred to Mwana Witu.

A day is a longtime in politicis

Did the development projects that he has put in place all of a sudden disappear? Has he stopped being a fighter for the so-called Ndee nation?

We will not entertain hatemongers who believe that their position, opinions and believes matter more than those of the opposing camp. Kitui county will not be auctioned at the alter of political expediency. Wacha Mbaya Mbaya aitwe Mbaya Mbaya!

Hot air

Now that he has indicated that the ground seemingly has appreciated the good work Governor Ngilu has done, all of a sudden he is desperate? C’mon! Please give the youthful MP a break. Whatsapp groups don’t vote, the people vote. From Nzambani to Voo/Kyamatu, from Chuluni to Endau/Malalani to Mutitu/Kaliku people have their say when the time comes. Hii vitisho ya whatsapp is just hot air.

Formidable leader

What is wrong with Nimrod stating as is currently there is no formidable candidate that can dethrone Governor Ngilu? Hecklers should take a chill pill.

Listen you rumor mongers, gossipers and idle talk peddlers. The MP is as brilliant as he has always been. He definitely knows what he is talking about. People shift political alliances all the time and there is nothing strange about it. In any case he has not stated that he has shifted his political leanings.

Eyes on the prize

I personally think that Mbai’s best chances of ascending to the Governorship in 2027 lie with him supporting Governor Ngilu in the next election cycle. Any hopeful candidate would know that.

Rude shock

People have underestimated Nimrod Mbai before. They got a rude shock then, they will be shocked once again.