By county diary/Steve Mumbu

The company doing kitui kibwezi road is on the spot yet again for the wrong reasons, they have continued to maximize profits by evading paying county levies for the reasons the county diary has not been able to establish.

A lorry transporting ballast from Kwa Kilui ballast yard has been impounded by Kitui County government team composed of Enforcement and Revenue officers for evading to pay cess at Kwa Kilui barrier in Yatta-Kwavonza Ward, Kitui Rural Subcounty.

The vehicle of registration number KCN 466B belongs to Sinohydro -Chinese state-owned hydropower engineering and construction company which is tarmacking Kibwezi-Mutomo-Kitui road.

Other 3 lorries have been seized on the same route at Kwa Kilui barrier avoiding cess payment.

In addition, Sinohydro Company has a huge pending invoice for ferrying sand without paying cess to the county government.

H.E Governor Charity Ngilu banned illegal sand harvesting in the county.