Shocks As Nominated MCA Posts Nude Photos On Social Media



An ODM politician has been forced to break her silence her nude photos appeared on a county WhatsApp group where she was the Administrator.

The ODM nominated MCA in Siaya County, has, however, denied that she was the one who sent the photos.

She is now claiming that her political detractors hacked her phone number and later fabricated the images through Photoshop before sending them to the WhatsApp group.

Here is what she had to say after the incident that shocked netizens in the group with more than 250 members;

“I was shocked to see the photos posted by my number. I want to believe that it’s the work of my political detractors who are out to spoil my name and end my political ambitions, ” she told the press during a press conference she called at the Siaya County Assembly.

The photos, which were first posted last week on Friday, led to her colleagues removing her from the group while the photos continued to elicit debate on social media and in local radio stations.

The female ward representative is currently preparing to run for the Alego/Usoga parliamentary seat and has already linked her opponents to the alleged hack.

She promised that she would consult her lawyers to ensure those behind the embarrassing incident are held to account.