Stop Oversighting women Private Parts Suba North Mp Millie Othiambo Tell off Male MPs


By county diary

The ranging debate on duo citizen has taken a new twist as members of parliament debate the suitability of the nominees, hon Milie Odhiambo has urged Men Parliamentary colleagues to let Mwende Mwinzi be.

The outspoken Suba North legislator caused a storm in the parliament when she alleged men MPs are over sighting women private parts instead of focusing on their primary roles, leave women alone, stop over sighting women private parts hon Millie Odhiambo blasted Male MPs on the floor of the house on live coverage.

MPs should focus on their primary roles not doing what they are doing now, they are making women colleagues not to attend parliament proceedings for fear of being bullied, Nairobi women rep hon Esther passaris have been on the spot for the wrong reasons over her spat with Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi sonko.

Women are not hanging fruits in the parliament focus on representation, we must say no double standard, hon millie grace added.

Suba North Member of Parliament hon Grace Millie Odhiambo blasts Men Colleagues