Why the devolution Idea was a gift to Kenyan


Straight Talk

By our reporter

Honest speaking Kenyans need to come together and reason together, as a country and more importantly leaders who have been given mandate by the people to lead them.

Devolution was the best thought idea to address developments and marginalization in most parts of Kenya more ukambani, and beyond, but if it will be left at the current situation it will not address the intended idea.

MPs and senators need to force national govt to allocate more resources to counties by enacting laws so that developments can reach to the people.

My view is if national govt can’t channel 45 % let the Members of parliament and senators enact laws which will force national govt to pay salaries to all county employees who are on a permanent basis.

This will reduce wage bill and counties will have resources for developments, The problem with our MPs and senators they are always blaming Governors instead of coming to them to listen to the challenges they are facing.

In many constituencies in Kenya, we have few projects being done by national govt despite 85% of national cake being left at Nairobi but you will always hear mp blaming the governor. Kitui east youth leader Kaunda has said.

75% of counties share is going to recurrent expenditure, nothing the governors can do to control only MPs and senators have powers, there is a need to come up with good legislation instead of blame games.
The current political leaders in Kenya needs to see the big picture and have the right legislation that will make national government channel more funds to counties and put the necessary laws that can minimize theft from county coffers.