The Government to End the Perennial bandit attacks


On Saturday, 4th May 2019  Ikime Village, MandongoiNgomeni Ward, Mwingi North Sub-County

Kitui County Government together with national Government are committed to ending the challenges which have resulted in perennial bandit attacks to over pasture and water scarcity in Kitui, the Governor has said.

The Message of Her Excellency the Governor Charity Ngilu was delivered by Executive Member in charge of Tourism, Sports and Culture hon Patrick Koki Musau, after joining mourners at Ikime Village, Mandongoi in Ngomeni Ward, Mwingi North Sub-County, during the funeral service of the late Malatya mwinzi who was attacked and killed by Somali bandits in dispute of Water, grass for their Cattles and Camels within that region.

The County CECM for Tourism was accompanied by Mwingi North Sub-County Administrator Mr. St.ephen Matei, Ngomeni Ward Administrator Mr. Ka.v.ali, and Fr Kyenze of Kyuso Catholic Church among other local leaders.

The Vocal Minister reiterated the government commitment in implementing the governor five agenda and urged politicians to support the government of the day to faster the development.

Later in the same day at Kyome Primary School Grounds Kyome/Thaana Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County in Kavaani in Mandongoi Ngomeni Ward of Mwingi North Sub-County, Kitui County Executive for Tourism,Sports and Culture Patrick Koki Musau joined mourners at another funeral service of the late Cosmus Wambua Musyimi in Kyome/Thaana Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County where he was representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu.