Ngilu to Revive Stalled Milk yielding Toggenburg Goat Project by Farm Africa N.G.O.


Sunday, 14th April 2019

By Yoana kimwele

Migwani Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County

Kitui Governor charity Kaluki Has pledged to revive the stalled Mwingi West Nzeluni high Milk yielding Toggenburg Goat Project.

The project was initially started and supported by Farm Africa N.G.O, but due to mismanaged it stalled, she is also going to support Beekeeping farmers through training on best modern methods on Honey production and help them access services.

The programme is expected to increase high honey yields thus sparking higher incomes for the benefits of Kitui County Beekeeping farmers.

This was the message from Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu to the people of Nzeluni Village in Migwani Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County.

The Governor’s good will message was delivered by Kitui County Executive member in charge of Tourism, Sports and Culture Mr. Patrick Koki Musau during a Church Service at A.I.C Nzeluni.

Later after the Church Service, the County Executive joined members of the entire Council of A.I.C Kamatungu District Church Council for a fundraiser to Construct A.I.C Nzeluni D.C.C Headquarters Offices.

The County Executive is representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu, the function has attracted a total of 10 A.I.C local Churches.

Others in attendance are the area Member of National Assembly Hon Charles Nguusya Nguna, area MCA Hon Philip Nguli “a.k.a” Kalamata among other leaders.

Sport, Culture Tourism executive member Patrick koki musau addressing church congregation in mwingi west