Musangi Oppose the Construction of Recreation Center for MCAs


11th April 2019

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Kitui MCAs now mock Musangi by planning to construct Ksh370Million recreational center

The move to set up an Ultra Modern recreation centre to sooth the Nerves of MCAs has sent the residents tongue wagging, The idea will be rejected by thirsty residents of kitui, Munyasya Musya has said.

The facility with clean lounges, a spa, a swimming pool and will also employ masseurs ans massage queens and kings paid by taxpayers according to its initial plans.

The former County Government Communication director Munyasya nzese has urged the MCAs to shelve the idea and focus on priority issues affecting Musangi.

Why can’t the ‘good’ kitui county assembly forgo this luxurious project and donate the funds to the CLIP so that it can provide water to their thirsty voters?” I think they have brotherly hearts wondered the former powerful deputy speaker hon Titus Ndema.

If the recreation center has to be built let’s it not be within Kitui town the former deputy speaker Titus Ndemwa said,Devolution from Nairobi must not end at kitui town.

The fruits of devolution should not be concentrated there,With angry Residents saying the Assembly seem to be in a mission to mock the poor residents,

There was a heated debate on popular WhatsApp group dubbed Kitui professional Chat which comprises all leaders and opinion leaders in Kitui county on Friday Morning.

The county diary desk has stumbled on documents showing that the MCAs have approved the construction of a state of the art recreational center for themselves at an evil cost of Ksh370Million!According to the documents, the center will have facilities such as massage parlors, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, spacious salon and barber shop, a bar, and restaurant all to pamper the ego of the MCAs.

From every corner of the facility, all rooms will be fitted with 50 inch TV screens while other rooms dubbed ‘small holding rooms’ will be sound proof.
Toilets in the facility will be fitted with reclining seats for MCAs deserved comfort.
The village waheshimiwas will enjoy highly subsidized and choice beers, whiskeys, and wines. Female MCAs will get free manicure and pedicure treats and body scrubs.
The facility is set to employ 20 young male and female masseurs to offer scintillating massage to the waheshimiwas

The facility will also have 14 fully furnished guest rooms to enable MCAs who cannot get back to their houses after a day’s hard work to spend their night in.

The way forward “

It is very unfortunate that the current Assembly, that had started on a good footing, is slowly sliding into the path of the past Assembly,A section of members of the current Assembly are cleverly going behind the scenes to conspire against Musangi, The very voter who placed them into positions of leadership to advance their (voter’) welfare.

This is fuelled by greed, gluttony and desire for short lived creature comforts.”We wish to remind the current crop of MCAs that what you are doing is not unique! It was the same path traveled by your predecessors, who at the opportune moment were kicked in the balls by their employer – Musangi.

It would do you good to remember that out of 40 elected, only 5 made it back to the House, the rest, including our good friend Ndemwa, then a powerful name in the streets were forced to lamba lolo. Sasa bunge wanaionea kwa Viusasa!

Be warned ladies and gentlemen, today’s voter is different from that of 90s who would be easily fooled by pompous and vague promises.

We shall hold u to account, and if we find u wanting, kick your useless balls hard!

If u must conspire to rape and impoverish Musangi, make sure u do it perfect…and reap enough money to last you a lifetime.
Because verily I say to you, the voter is watching your every move, Said Philip Muasya the standard writer posted on KPC.

However, All is not lost folks, there is time to re-examine yourselves, salvage yourselves, repent and do what is right for Musangi.