Relief in Dry Mutomo As Miracle Water “Manna” Erupts From Rock


30th March 2019

By yoana Kimwele

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The dry Mutomo town and surrounding areas in Kitui South have something to smile about after all.

The rocky area of Kanzaa and Mbevetwa is awash with excitement after a miracle water source suddenly sprung up in this water-scarce part of Kitui.

Like manna, jets of water erupted from a rock near Mutomo town as SinoHydro, the Chinese company doing Kitui-Kibwezi road was making ballast from a rock.

The company’s powerful big machinery struck the rock heavily for ballast but suddenly water came out leaving the contractor’s workers’ mouth ajar with wonder.

A huge pool like an earth dam filled up quickly giving local a new source of water. They now do not trek long distances in search of the valuable commodity.

Residents now want the relevant authorities to establish recharge value for this water source and if they find it worth provide a single safe fetching point.

Many curious visitors from across Kenya and the whole world will be visiting Mutomo to see the miracle water thus turning the rare find a tourist site.

Atop Kanzoa hill, there is a very tough grass-like plant locally called SYAANDUI whose stem is used as steel wire to wash dishes among local nozzle calabashes or nozzle.

“As we enjoy the water blessings, high standards of hygiene need to be promoted to avoid health problems”, a resident of Kitui South Yoana Kimwele said.

Now hordes of villages are wading into the water to draw it using plastic containers while animals are drinking directly from the water point threatening with an eruption of water-borne diseases.

The County Government of Kitui has sent water experts to establish the quantity of the water and take samples to Nairobi for further testing on its suitability for human consumption.

The government is also working on ensuring the safety of the commodity,Cattle, donkeys and even human beings are contaminating the water making it unsafe for human consumption.

“The source will be protected and designated areas for each category be set aside for its consumption minimizing the health hazards that can come with it,” a government official told our reporter on phone.

The residents of Mutomo have been using the commodity for the last one month and no harm has so far been reported,Villagers say the miracle water is fresh.

Yes! Surely God can bring water out of rocks! I know this place very well! Thanks be to God!People and livestock heading towards the Kanzoa and Mbeve for the miracle water.