30th March 2019

By county diary,Tweet @kim_yoanakim

Thirsty locals of water-scarce Kitui South particularly Mutomo are thanking the gods after water erupted from a rock.

The usual rocky area of Kanzoa & Mbevetwa has now become a mystical place cum lifesaver for residents who are delighting in the newly found fountain.

The miracle water erupted from a rock as engineers of Sinohydro Corporation, the Chinese firm tarmacking Kitui-Kibwezi road, drilled and crushed rocks for ballast.

The engineers’ jaws literally dropped as water gushed forth from a rock their machine was furiously working on.

The miraculous fountain attracted the attention of thirsty locals who instantly flocked the area with dozens of containers to scramble for the scarce, precious commodity.

The residents now want relevant authorities to establish recharge value of the mystical well and install a single safe fetching point.

Owing to the mysterious nature of the water point, residents believe it should be declared a tourist attraction site as intrigued persons from across the country and beyond are expected to tour the area.

Kanzo hill is also famed for its extremely tough grass called SYAANDUI whose stem is used as steel wool to scrub sufurias and other metallic utensils!

As we enjoy the water blessings, high standards of hygiene need to be promoted to avoid possible health risks, Yoana Kimwele said.

Stepping into the water or dipping water containers while fetching or having animals drink directly from the water point could also pose health hazards hence the need for the government to act swiftly.

Meanwhile, The County Government of Kitui’s water ministry dispatched experts to access and establish water volumes in the miracle well.

The officers took samples to Nairobi for further analysis to ascertain its suitability for human and livestock consumption.

Plans have also been hatched to fence off the water source and construct a water kiosk as well as troughs for watering cattle to minimize contamination, an officer intimated to the County Diary.

No complications from consumption of the water have been reported so far, thereby raising hopes among locals who believe an end to water problems in the locale is safe.