Police Officer kills his Girlfriend Over love triangle.


by county diary

Revealed! How the killer Police Man took a loan to take his girl friend to University, Paid all her University fees through a loan and later paid for the masters degree Fee.

When the deceased graduated and got a job in secondary school, She rejected the officer and out of frustration the police shot her to death, The Police are looking for the rogue officer who is on the run.

We might blame police but these girls are dangerous.
Increasing Murder cases where female teachers are being killed by lovers from other profession has leaving teachers fruternity in worrying mode.

Many have come out to to urge their fellow teachers stick to their professional line while looking for hand in marriage

A Navakholo Secondary School teacher has been shot dead by her former LOVER, an Administration Police, AP, Officer.

The beautiful Madam Christine Maonga of Navakholo Secondary school was shot dead by her former one Patrick whom they had been embroiled in social media brawl.

On facebook, the AP posted (using poor English with bad spelling mistakes) that he could commit suicide for love. To which the late retored… “Go ahead.. “.

The assailant’s firearm has since been recovered, but Patrick is on the run. I have posted his photo here. If anyone comes across this killer of a teacher, kindly report to the nearest police station.
Navakholo Secondary School is located in Bunyala West Location in Lurambi Constituency within Kakamega County. It is a mixed day secondary school.

Below are photos of the couple and a conversation between the two on Social Media Platform; Facebook.

Our dear female colleagues. Go for educated men in our teaching profession. With the little money we get, we understand each other, we know each other, we know how to love one another.

Keep off anyone who seems to have money but cannot spell correctly. We are teachers at school, not in our homes. Teach and go home early to a lover who can read and write and make love.