Kitui Mp Tell off Raila Odinga Over Graft Crusade

By county diary

(photo file) Kitui East jubilee Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai in past function.

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai Popularly known by his tagline kama mbaya mbaya has hit out at opposition Chief Rt hon Raila Odinga accusing him of leading a political smear campaign against Deputy President Dr.William Ruto.

Nimrod Mbai claimed that Raila’s alleged attack against DP Ruto over graft issues is calculated to move for the 2022 Presidential polls

Addressing his constituents at Zombie Grounds in Kitui East on Sunday, the Jubilee young MP asked Raila to stop using the war against graft to undermine Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

He said Raila is Not an investigator nor prosecutor, stating that graft matters should be left to relevant agencies to handle them.

“It is wrong for people like Rt hon Raila to spread false graft narrative aimed at tainting Deputy President’s name,” Angry Mbai said.

Nimrod Mbithuka who is known by his tagline kama Mbaya mbaya said though he fully supports the war against graft, the same should be handled by relevant agencies, not politicians.

He argued that personalizing corruption and using it to undermine other people will not help anyone, The Jubilee MP also asked agencies mandated to fight graft do their work professionally.

Mbai said Kenyans have much confidence in the DCI, DPP and other agencies and asked a politician to keep off.

The ongoing debate on the war against graft continues to rage on even as a section of politicians accuse the DCI of being selective in its investigations.