Tourism sports & culture CEC Hon Patrick Musau Among Top Gvt officers In 6th devolution Summit


By our reporter

Kitui Governor HE Charity Kaluki Ngilu is leading a team of top government officers for high level 6th National devolution conference summit at kirinyanga county.
Kitui County made a very strong showing by showcasing the groundbreaking flagship projects namely. CHIC, KICOTEC, Tourist attractions maps, like Nzambani Rock and other life-changing programmes that have gained incredible national and International repute.

The World Bank also made a special mention of Kitui County on the successful rollout of Kitui County Healthcare Insurance cover (K-CHIC) which has attracted Kirinyaga County and several counties who will use Kitui County as a benchmark for their healthcare rollout.

kitui has continued to make major strides in changing the lives of our people by providing solutions to the challenges we face as a county the Governor Charity Ngilu said during an interview with national television.

The Governor reiterated her government commitment to change the face of Kitui for good, I remain committed and optimistic that we shall succeed in lifting our people out of poverty, Ngilu said.

The Governor called for national Government to be doing fund reimbursement in time so as to help the counties move on their agenda effectively