Lanes will be Drawn soon, Sacked Sports CS Talks Tough



by our Correspondent

The former Sports CS Rashid Achesa has spoken this time gun blazing, ” The line will be drawn soon and those who think they are now in government will know that they don’t know.

The plans and tricks in play are of high caliber. Time will vindicate me Former CS posted on social media.

I am addressing any hustler, any young man/woman struggling to make ends meet. Mechanics, waiters, makangas and even that young youth in office.

You have risen from nowhere to somewhere and I pray that someday you rise to the highest of the offices in the land to know how jealous both young and old men who had it smooth in life will fight you. They own every news outlet and every other entity that communicates to the masses. Your name can be in the headlines 24/7 for bad reasons.

They have shares in most of the most profitable companies in the country. How will you survive unless submitting to them?

I salute those who have been able to make it and those struggling.
For those in the lowest of their lives if I was able to make it you can make it too the former CS Achesa said on his Facebook page